Bronfman Argues for Settlement Freeze

As Dana Goldstein points out, Edgar Bronfman (“one of the main funders behind the Birthright Israel program, which sends young American Jews to Israel to develop their Zionist sympathies”) is not exactly one of the usual suspects of the Jewish left on the debate over America’s Israel policy. Still, he sees the logic of the push for Israel to get real about halting settlement construction and beginning to reverse it:

At a certain point, there will be more Arabs than Jews living between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, thereby leading to one de facto apartheid state if no resolution to the conflict is reached via a two-state solution. […] But continued “natural growth” in West Bank settlements cannot be allowed to take priority over the possibility of normalized relations with the entire Arab world. Peace with its neighbors, not the sensitivities of a small minority of religious settlers, has to be Israel’s ultimate objective.