Invade Iran Caucus Still Pining for the Fjords

It’s good to know that some folks, like NRO’s Andy McCarthy, still cleave to the old time religion and want to see us invade Iran:

I don’t agree that the Iranian regime could be ousted without the use of military force. Your excellent points (and other reporting at your essential blog) about how the Iranian population is ripe for revolt argues for giving them whatever encouragement we can. But I think the regime’s grip on the levers of brute force is too extensive to be undone without U.S. military intervention. I’m familiar with the arguments about how moderate elements of the IRGC could get the job done, and I hope those arguments are right and I am wrong, but I’m not optimistic. (As you know, I think vital U.S. interests call for ousting the regime regardless of whether the population is amenable, but the fact that they are amenable certainly helps make the case.)

Just though I’d throw that out there.