American Life League Urges Tea Parties to “Bury Obamacare With Kennedy”

Apparently the following sign is being passed out widely at today’s rightwing crank rally in DC:

IMG00051 1

The distributor looks to be the American Life League; apparently the kind of pro-life organization that thinks that it would be terrible if people who get sick could have access to medical care:


At any rate, the ALL/healthcare nexus mostly seems to me to be emblematic of the knee-jerk quality of the whole thing. As we know, back in November most people voted for Barack Obama. Most people voted for a Democratic House candidate. And most people voted for a Democratic Senate candidate. Today, most people prefer Obama’s approach to the approach of congressional Republicans. But this is a very large country. And a large minority of the population is out of step with the views of the minority. You’ve got your anti-abortion guys, your tenthers, your birthers, your Medicare-hating congressmen, etc. Something called the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights is among the sponsors of the rally.

And so, fine, there are a lot of people with far-right political opinions. But the idea that this is actually some kind of response to specific things Barack Obama has done is pretty off-base. It’s just the usual suspects getting fired up.