Jim DeMint’s Selective Tentherism

(cc photo by mar is sea Y)

(cc photo by mar is sea Y)

Aaron Wiener has an interesting report on Senator Jim DeMint’s curious view that the constitution prohibits Obama’s health care plan, and that this prohibition also applies to Medicare, but we should overlook that fact, presumably in the interests of political opportunism since (as depicted at right) an awful lot of socialized medicine’s biggest detractors are also its biggest fans:

Asked whether states should use the 10th Amendment to prevent health care reform from taking effect, he replied that an assertion of states’ rights was “probably the only way we’re going to stop this reckless spending.” He continued, “There’s no constitutional authority for the government to actually do [the reform proposed by Democrats], but whether the courts take it up is a different matter.”

The rules change, however, when it comes to Medicare.

DeMint expressed doubts as to the legality of Medicare under the Constitution, but said, “Regardless of constitutionality, it is a promise that we have to keep. … I think Medicare and Social Security have to be protected.”

People counting on folks who think Medicare is unconstitutional to protect their Medicare might want to think harder about the situation.