Bike/Ped Safety Funds Survive Senate Vote

CalTrain station, Menlo Park, CA (cc photo by Richard Masoner)

CalTrain station, Menlo Park, CA (cc photo by Richard Masoner)

Elana Schor reports on failed efforts to strip funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety in the Senate:

Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Jim Webb (D-VA) voted with Coburn to allow states to opt out of a current mandate to spend 10 percent of federal transportation aid on bike and pedestrian paths, bike-ped safety education, and other programs.

Coburn’s amendment fell short by a vote of 39-59, with three other Democrats, Sens. Russ Feingold (WI), Evan Bayh (IN), and Claire McCaskill (MO), also aligning with the majority of Republicans in favor of the opt-out.

Shame on everyone. Small amounts of money to promote walking and cycling are good for the environment and for public health.

On a related note, I look forward to the day when the Cato Institute does a blog post denouncing each and every publicly financed parking lot or garage in the United States of America. Somehow I think that if we equalized public funding for car park and bike parking at $0 that would on net work to the advantage of non-drivers.