Bike Lanes in Saxony

Dresden and Freiberg had some bicycling infrastructure that a DC bike commuter can’t help but be jealous of. From the looks of it, Frankfurt is also quite bike-friendly but I haven’t really been outside much. Here’s a very convenient separated lane:


And here’s some nice red striping that extends through the intersection and improves visibility:


And here we have a lane separated out from the sidewalk:


For whatever reason in Northern Europe bicycles seems to be the predominant alternative to cars whereas in Southern Europe you see more scooters and mopeds and such. I’d sort of like to come up with a theory as to why that it (it’s flatter in the north?) but no obvious one is coming to mind. I note that relative to the United States, you see cyclists in Germany (like in the Netherlands) from more walks of life—more older people, more people with carseat attachments for kids and such.