Bagels in Berlin

Like any ex-New Yorker I’m always on the lookout for good bagels. Normally they’re to be found in places (South Florida, for example) where lots of Jews from New York have moved. Berlin would not be someplace I would anticipate good bagels. But I was intrigued by this shop that I saw out the window of a bus:


The mention of bialys suggests authenticity. Has anyone been there? Any good?

Meanwhile, may I say what a shame it is that the Ashkenazi diaspora in America seems content to let our native cultural traditions die out. It’s clear that over the long-run the free market isn’t going to sustain authentic bagel-making even in New York. Meanwhile, American Jews are a famously charitable people giving all sorts of money to cultural and political causes, including ones dedicated to nationalistic advocacy on behalf of a country where they eat falafel rather than kasha varnishkes. It seems like if there’s enough money to make AIPAC run we ought to have a National Bagel Foundation or something.


Woo! Found the time to swing by this place. Verdict: Pretty good bagels. To those in the comments advocating for Montreal bagels I say yes, Montreal bagels are also very good. NYC and Montreal bring different styles, each with their virtues, and the two should be allies in the fight against bad bagels.

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