The First Swede in Space

On my last day in Stockholm among other things I went to the Tekniska Museet where I was able to learn about Christer Fuglesang, the first Swede in space. Obviously not a celebrity figure obscure in the US, but he has 3,890 followers in Twitter:


At any rate, Stockholm is a great city to visit. What it lacks in terms of the truly blockbuster tourist attractions of some European cities, it makes up for on all the key livability requirements: Lively yet pleasantly green and low-key, easy to get around, nice people, bike sharing service with a tourist-friendly three-day card option, diverse population and culinary offerings, great people-watching, etc. A bit on the cold and rainy side this time of year but compared to last December’s trip to Helsinki the weather’s a breeze. Thanks to whichever among my readers suggested I stay in Södermalm; love the neighborhood.