Mike Huckabee, Cynicism, and EMP

225px-Huckabee-SF-CC-024 1< Mike Huckabee's got charisma, but he also continues to be dangerously ill-informed about vital policy issues, leaping head first into the deep sees of EMP madness:

The EMPACT conference represents a culmination of sorts for the EMP awareness movement. In his keynote speech, Mike Huckabee warned against complaisance. “We should not minimize the threat of EMP,” he said. “There’s always going to be cynics. There were cynics who didn’t believe the Japanese were a threat (to attack Pearl Harbor) and there were cynics who didn’t believe radical Islam was a threat.” Huckabee said he agreed with Fritz Ermarth, former chair of the National Intelligence Council, who the day before had told conference attendees that an EMP attack would most likely come from Iran, North Korea, or an Al Qaeda-type terrorist network. Huckabee also compared the EMP’s effects on the electric grid to that of a particularly bad ice storm.

Read Robert Farley’s article for a thorough takedown of the EMP hype. But note that Huckabee doesn’t even seem to really understand what cynicism is. I would also note that on the specific case of Peal Harbor, while it’s true that this illustrates that regimes sometimes do completely insane things that lead inevitably to their own destruction that betting on “they probably won’t do that, it’d be insane and lead inevitably to their own destruction” is going to leave you with a much higher batting average than would a Huckabee-style pose of constant hysteria.

The real kicker, however, is this:

Indeed, even the neoconservative Weekly Standard, which seems perpetually on the lookout for ways to plug purported existential threats to the homeland, stayed away from Niagara. One Standard editor said in an interview with the author, “I don’t go for that EMP stuff. Kind of more interested in dangerous scenarios that might actually happen.”

Mike Huckabee—too alarmist and paranoid for The Weekly Standard.