Can’t Stop Blogging About Superfreakonomics

Greg Mankiw, right-wing economist and George W Bush administration official, recommends Yoram Bauman’s take on the Superfreakonomics climate chapter. Mankiw hastens to note that “unlike some economist-bloggers [presumably Krugman & DeLong], [Bauman] is not a bomb thrower . . . [s]o when he says he is disappointed in the Freakonomists’ chapter on climate change, it is worth taking seriously.”

And, indeed, you can see that in Bauman’s analysis in good non-bomb-throwing style he avoids attacking the superfreaks with any kind of strong language, name-calling, imputations of bad faith, or, indeed, real sense of urgency. Nevertheless, his conclusion is quite clearly that L&D are badly misleading their audience about the state of the relevant science.