On The Congressional Goldstone Resolution

I would associate myself with Spencer Ackerman’s remarks regarding the cynical resolution condemning the Goldstone Report that’s circulating in the congress.

A few additional points:

— Somewhere in hell, Slobodan Milosevic is smiling at the prospect of it becoming official US government policy that Richard Goldstone is biased in favor of Muslim terrorist organizations and his work therefore can and should be dismissed out of hand.

— For that matter, apartheid-era white supremacist militias and Nazis hiding gold in Argentina are going to be happy too.

— The resolution tellingly dwells a great deal on the real anti-Israel biases of the UN Human Rights Commission as a way of avoiding dealing with the actual content of the report.

— Also fans of this action will be authoritarian Arab governments hoping to make any future U.S. criticism of their human rights record look like a politically motivated joke undertaken by a hypocritical superpower.

Last, while I think Goldstone’s work was—despite the accusations in the resolution—clear in looking at human rights violations committed by both sides, it’s really not clear to me what allegations of the form “but he didn’t write about X!” would prove even if they were true. If credible accusations are leveled, an obligation exists to investigate them independently of whether or not accusations leveled against the other side are being investigated.