Hot New Blanche Lincoln Polling

Yesterday I referenced some fairly dated polling on Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln. Here’s a poll from just last week:

The report suggests Lincoln is vulnerable as she seeks a third term in the Senate next year. The university’s poll, however, said that three-fourths of respondents aren’t following news about Lincoln’s re-election bid. […] The poll reported that just 43 percent of Arkansans polled approve of the job Lincoln is doing as senator. She enjoyed a 54 percent approval rating last fall.

These are bad, though not-necessarily-cataclysmic numbers for Lincoln. But she really needs to be seen as delivering the goods for her state’s business elite. For example, you might wonder why an alleged deficit hawk from a relative poor state would be fighting hard for a huge tax cut for muli-millionaires. Then you need to recall that thanks to Wal-Mart two of the ten richest people in America live in Arkansas.