Ukraine’s Disilusionment With Democracy

"Orange Revolution" protesters in Kiev, Ukraine

Joshua Tucker at the Monkey Cage offers a link to a new Pew Global Attitudes Project titled “The Pulse of Europe 2009: 20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall”.


This seems like the most noteworthy table:

We can see that in eight of the nine post-communist countries, a majority of the population continues to approve of the change to democracy; in four of these countries at least 70% of respondents approved. Ukraine is the clear outlier here, with support having dropped by 42% to only 30%. Particularly interesting in these findings is the fact that a greater proportion of Russians than Ukrainians continue to approve of the change to a multiparty system, despite the fact that the latter actually has functioning multiparty politics while one would be hard pressed to claim anything of the sort exists in the former.

Basically Ukrainians hate freedom. Or more seriously, a big part of the problem is that a hefty chunk of multi-party politics in Ukraine consists of just reiterating an entrenched regional/linguistic divide between the more western-oriented and more eastern-oriented halves of the country.