Michael Jordan Displays Uncharacteristic Classiness, Humility

Michael Jordan seems to have been stung by the negative reaction to his horrifying Hall of Fame speech and decided to start showing some class and humility:

If the NBA were to retire Michael Jordan’s No. 23 leaguewide, the newly inducted Hall of Famer says there are several more players just as worthy of the distinction. LeBron James, who wears No. 23 for the Cleveland Cavaliers, said last week he would change jersey numbers next season in honor of Jordan, and said no other players should wear it, either. […]

“Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell all those guys should have their jerseys retired, too,” Jordan said. “I understand his gesture, but I am in the same group as those guys so I wouldn’t want to see my jersey retired unless you retire those guys. It is a compliment. I totally understand that. I appreciate LeBron for doing that and it is very thoughtful.”

Good for him.