Maybe I’m a Fool

One of the saddest shows I’ve ever attended was a lightly attended effort by Rainer Maria at the Black Cat a few years back. With an up-and-coming band, a sparse crowd can be exciting—maybe you’re catching a wave—but to see a band on its final tour drawing much smaller crowds than you remember from years past is sad. It was especially sad because, musically speaking, the band wasn’t fading away at all. Their final album, Catastrophe Keeps Us Together is, in my opinion, their best (and their other work is good too). But the winds of trendiness had shifted against a band that could be derided as “emo” and the album was greeted to things like a mocking review and a 4.8 rating from Pitchfork.

But screwing around on the old iTunes on the train yesterday, I heard one Catastrophe song (“Bottle”) then immediately started playing the rest. This is a damn good album. And I was glad to see with some googling, that not all critics were as clueless as Pitchfork—here’s a positive review from The Onion. The title track comes conveniently with a pretty cool music video:

Loosely related: Was hanging out with my buddy Tim from high school over Thanksgiving and we got to talking about The Box and couldn’t remember/agree if The Box used to have ads as a revenue source on top of whatever people paid in order to request videos.