Obama at Allentown

I don’t think any video is available yet, but once Obama’s Allentown event got into the Q&A section it got really good. What was interesting about it was that everything Obama said was so banal. It was elementary, back-to-basics, “I’m a Democrat” kind of stuff. He talked about how he was trying to expand access to health care, but Republican Senators backed by industry players were trying to block it. He talked about how he’s trying to regulate big banks better, and the House is poised to act, but the sclerotic Senate is moving slowly and the banksters are trying to kill the bill.

Good times. Nothing creative or unusual about it. He wasn’t even really all that feisty. But he got out and talked basic politics—who’s on your side, who’s fighting or change, and who’s responsible for protecting the status quo. The Presidency is, among other things, the personification of the national government. Consequently, I think it’s natural for people to think of the President as embodying the status quo. Simply going out there and talking about how that’s not the case, about how the administration is proposing change and business-friendly legislators are trying to stop it, does a great deal of good.