My Bing Experiment

I don’t really use any Microsoft products on a regular basis, but pretty soon after signing up for Google Wave I realized that Google is not infallible so maybe I should check out Microsoft’s Bing search engine. I can report . . . very little in the way of obvious difference. Bing works fine. But not so fine as to turn me into a Bing evangelist. The main really noticeable difference is that if you google a pro athlete’s name, Google will give you some Google News links up top to stories about his latest adventures, whereas Bing will give you a little stats box courtesy of (and with links to) Fox Sports on MSM.

At any rate, this strikes me as very bad news for Google. Microsoft has shown an extraordinary ability to leverage its hugely popular operating system into tricking staggering quantities of people into using Internet Explorer, which is markedly inferior to a variety of alternatives:


Bing, by contrast with IE, is actually a reasonable product. I’m not sure it’s better than Google, but I’m not sure it’s worse either. If this becomes the default search product for Windows users, I think most people aren’t going to find any extremely compelling reason to switch.