Lieberman Hearts Medicare Buy-In

Greg Sargent has the video of Joe Lieberman from three months ago explaining to a local newspaper that while he doesn’t like the idea of creating a new public option, he does favor expanding Medicare and Medicaid, complete with a buy-in to Medicare option for people over 50 or 55.

Meanwhile, John McCain tweeted earlier today “Joe Lieberman – standing up for his principles on health care is being viciously attacked by the liberal left…what a disgrace!” I guess to McCain being bitter and ignorant counts as standing up for your principles.

Actually, I think that’s a perfectly fair characterization of McCain’s ideological drifting over the years.

But the term “viciously” again, reminds us of Charles Lane’s substance-free outrage that anyone would dare call health care reform opponents on the fact that lack of insurance leads to preventable death. Apparently only a “vicious” person would point this out, though total fabrications about death panels don’t count as smears I guess.