Funny Business

I sort of hate needing to write this post every two weeks, but whenever I complain about the filibuster I inevitably get some version of Ed Morrissey’s retort “Funny, but I don’t recall Yglesias demanding those changes while Democrats were in the minority in the Senate.” Well I don’t blame someone for not having a comprehensive memory of everything I’ve ever written, but before flinging an accusation like that it helps to do some research. This is me in April 2005:

There is, however, a better way. Democrats should counter loose talk of going nuclear with a proposal of their own: The Senate as a whole could vote, through proper procedures, to end filibusters on votes of all kind, allowing passage of any bill (or nominee) that can secure a majority vote. Republicans may reject the offer, of course. But if they do so, that will only strengthen the Democrats’ hand politically in combating the nuclear option — by demonstrating a fair-minded commitment to principle over short-term partisan advantage.

So there. Thanks to Ta-Nehisi Coates from drawing this to my attention.

Meanwhile, I have the reverse hypocrisy accusation. All those conservatives who were upset about minority obstruction when Bush was president know there will be a moment of conservative political power again in the future, right? Don’t they think that if conservatives win an election based on conservative ideas they should get a fair chance to put those ideas in place? I won’t be thrilled to see it happen, but I’m glad to accept it as part of a fair trade and have been for years.