Palin and the Jews

Sarah Palin

Jennifer Rubin wrote a somewhat bizarre piece about how Jews hate Sarah Palin because we’re bigoted against rural folk (is Wasilla even rural? I had the impression that it’s a suburb) which prompted a good David Frum post.

But as Seth Masket observes it’s important to note that there’s no special Jewish loathing of Palin to explain. Palin is unpopular, and especially unpopular with liberals. And Jews are liberal. Jews don’t dislike Palin any more than any other group of liberal people does. So all you’re really left with is the question of why liberals don’t like Palin. Of course we don’t like her because she’s very conservative. If conservatives introspect a bit, they’ll discover that the reason some of them like her more than they like other conservative politicians is that they feel she really sticks it to the left-wing. But obviously that’s not something that would enhance her appeal among liberals. Who are liberals supposed to hate if not right-wing politicians who like really sticking it to the left?