Charles Murray Sees Nonwhite People

(cc photo by fortes)

(cc photo by fortes)

Charles Murray thinks things are looking rather dusky in Paris these days:

I collected data as I walked along, counting people who looked like native French (which probably added in a few Brits and other Europeans) versus everyone else. I can’t vouch for the representativeness of the sample, but at about eight o’clock last night in the St. Denis area of Paris, it worked out to about 50-50, with the non-native French half consisting, in order of proportion, of African blacks, Middle-Eastern types, and East Asians. And on December 22, I don’t think a lot of them were tourists. Mark Steyn and Christopher Caldwell have already explained this to the rest of the world—Europe as we have known it is about to disappear—but it was still a shock to see how rapid the change has been in just the last half-dozen years.

As Henry Farrell says “I rather think that the word that Murray was looking for here is ‘white'” rather than the strange euphemism “looked like native French.”

It’s worth making a few quick points here though:

— In France, French-born children of immigrant parents outnumber immigrants.

— Most French immigrants immigrated from elsewhere in Europe.

— Residents of predominantly black areas like Martinique are citizens of France.

— A lot of the people on the streets of Paris at any given time are tourists.

As a last point, since he’s a racist, I’ll grant that Murray’s eye for ethnicities may just be keener than mine. But in my experience, at least, the difference in skin color between “white” European Mediterranean people (from, for example, southern France) and “brown” Arab Mediterranean is not always obvious, especially in dim light. So at a minimum, I’ll tip my cap to Murray’s diligence in cataloguing everyone’s ethnic origins so precisely.