All the Young Punks

Cindy Brown, CAP’s VP for Education, released a statement on the FY 2011 budget proposal:

Today the president announced his proposed budget, calling for a $3 billion increase in education spending. We’re deeply encouraged by the budget proposal because it pushes important education reforms such as improving teacher effectiveness and turning around low-performing schools as well as tying dollars to results. We’re particularly heartened by the investments in teacher quality, and the budget includes a new $950 million competitive fund for states and districts to support innovative approaches to rewarding effective teachers, particularly in high-need schools.

Spending what it takes to recruit and retain the best possible teachers is very important, as this hilarious clip that my colleague Matt Corley shared with me today demonstrates:

On a related note, I kept meaning to see The Class (Entre les murs) but never got around to it. Is it worth Netflixing?