Lincoln Slams Mythical Liberal Extremists


This stuff really pisses me off:

[Blanche] Lincoln, who faces serious competition in her ’10 re-elect — and a 27 percent approval rate in Arkansas — practically demanded Obama “push back in our own party… for people at the extremes.”

She added that “no one in your administration” understands how to make payroll.

As I’ve said before, this is nonsense. It’s just mathematically impossible for liberals to advance a liberal-as-opposed-to-centrist agenda through congress. The votes aren’t there. The only proposals that can pass the House are proposals that have some support from Blue Dogs. The only proposals that can pass the Senate are proposals that Blanche Lincoln votes for. Therefore 100 percent of the items on the legislative agenda have been pre-trimmed in advance to suit the desires of centrist Democrats. There’s been no Universal Medicare plan, there’s been no 100% auction of carbon permits plan, there’s been no gay marriage bill, there’s been no $1.5 trillion stimulus, there’s been nothing.

That’s the way it is. Blue Dogs and Blanche Lincoln types have succeeded at positioning themselves in the legislative pivot points. Consequently, they control the legislative agenda. I don’t blame them for it. Indeed, I regularly urge liberals to accept political reality support the Blue Dog / Blanche Lincoln agenda as preferable to the status quo. But unfortunately the Blanche Lincolns of the world uniformly refuse to take responsibility for their own position as the drivers of the agenda. They’re the ones who’ve been in charge. And frankly it hasn’t been going very well. In particular, they’re decision to take the President’s stimulus request and say “this is too big” rather than “this is too small” has been a horrible fiasco, leading millions of people to suffer avoidable unemployment.