Marc Thiessen: Obama is Too Good at Killing Terrorists


As I was observing last night, for a bunch of people who like to slam liberals as insufficiently cruel and bloodthirsty, violent dimwits like Marc Thiessen expend a remarkable amount of time and energy trying to downplay and sugar-coat what it is they’re trying to say. So Foreign Policy magazine, which has a bizarre obsession with shielding the Obama administration from any kind of credible scrutiny by instead filling its virtual pages with the musics of discredited former Bush administration flunkies, has this bizarre Thiessen piece about how Obama is too good at killing terrorists.

The piece would make sense if only Thiessen were willing to write in the English language. He is, as we’ve seen, an advocate of torture. He thinks torture is an excellent thing, and like the leaders of the Spanish Inquisition he thinks it’s morally obligatory for the government to torture people. From inside this twisted mental space, the notion that killing terrorists is too soft on terror starts to make sense. After all, in Thiessenland it’s better to let four terrorists go free if that lets you torture a fifth. That’s just how awesome he thinks torture is. But he won’t write the word “torture” or say clearly “the problem with Obama killing these terrorists is that he should be torturing them.”

At any rate, it turns out it was actually Darth Vader, rather than Don Rumsfeld, who said “you are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive.”