Team Palin Takes Shape

sarah_palin_ap 1

They say that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. On a similar principle, I guess, is the Land of Palin, Michael Goldfarb is a shrewd mind:

Sarah Palin is putting together a campaign team, and Washington is taking notice. Mark Leibovich of the New York Times described her bare-bones political operation. Here is why I know: she is not worried about fundraising right now. Pam Pryor, a former RNC senior adviser, leads Palin’s political action committee and is orchestrating her outreach to social conservatives. Randy Scheunenmann remains her policy maestro, with informal assistance from his Orion Strategies colleague Michael Goldfarb, the former Weekly Standard writer and McCain campaign rapid responder. (Goldfarb did not return an e-mail seeking comment about his future in Palin’s world.) Fred Malek is perhaps the single Washington establishment figure that Palin turns to, although Malek has insisted that he is neutral about the presidential race — though he admits to having a soft spot in his heart for Palin.

In case Palin’s ever wondering how many Jews work at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Malek should come in handy.