Moscow on the Potomac


Life is depressing in Washington, DC these days. The Redskins stink. The Nationals suck. The Wizards are horrible. The city can’t cope with a blizzard. The House is mad at the Senate, the Senate’s mad at the House, Congress hates the White House and the country hates Congress. The one ray of sunlight is the Washington Capitals, who are putting an excellent season together.

But this is leaving people with a bit of a dilemma come the Olympics. Team USA’s hockey squad doesn’t contain any Capitals (the Caps barely have any American players), whereas Team Russia features several Caps including our goalie and our star, Alex Ovechkin. Sweden and the Czech Republic each have a Cap even. So will the nation’s capital find itself rooting for Russia against the nation itself? For now the US and Russia are in different groups, with the US and Canada (which also has no Caps on its team) locked together in Group A. So no conflict has emerged. But the potential is there down the road.