Gibbs: Mystery Legislators Blocking Public Option


The latest on the public option is that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insists that the Obama administration does support a public option but the votes aren’t there in congress to pass one, and that’s why it’s not included in the White House plan.

This is plausible, but it seems to me that if it’s true people are entitled to know who the opponents are. At the moment, we’ve got the White House basically giving cover for people to oppose a base priority that also polls well without admitting to doing so. One’s natural inclination is to seek out the culprits in the Senate, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the real problem here may be in the House. It’s true that 220 members of congress votes “yes” on a bill that included a public option, but some of them (John Murtha, e.g.) aren’t around anymore and others may bolt over abortion and other issues. Nancy Pelosi needs to round up votes from some fairly conservative members who may be insisting on no public option. But speculation is only speculation, I’d like to know the facts and would like to see people on record.