Burr: “It Is Impossible For any Candidate To Get To The Right Of Me”


Via Eric Kleefeld, a bold proclamation from Senator Richard Burr (R-NC): “The fact is it is impossible for any candidate to get to the right of me from an ideological standpoint of my record.”

According to DW-NOMINATE, in the 111th Senate Burr is close to correct, only Senators Burr, Ensign, Sessions, Kyl, Inhofe, Bunning, DeMint, and Coburn are more rightwing. In the 110th he was slightly more rightwing, with only seven Senators to his right. In the 109th there were only five to his right. So the ideological space to the right of Richard Burr is, indeed, extremely small. In recent years, thought, I would say that Senators Kyl and DeMint have been the most consistently on the right.