VA-5 Congressional Candidate: Obama Election Was “Political Correctness Gone Awry”


As everyone knows, racism and conservative politics have nothing to do with one another. Indeed, there’s not a single whiff of racism anywhere near anyone involved in conservative politics in the United States. It’s just that conservatives don’t care at all about the problem of racial discrimination of non-whites and do care—very deeply—about their commitment to anti-anti-racism and very zealous in defending the interests of white people against the dread forces of political correctness.

That’s how you wind up with things like Lawrence Verga, one of the GOP challengers to Tom Perriello in Virginia’s 5th Congressional DIstrict, providing the following answer to the question what’s the biggest national security threat facing the United States:

Verga said the biggest threat is the Americans who voted the Obama administration into office. “That was political correctness gone awry,” Verga said.

Of course to offer Verga any criticism on this point would only feed the sense of persecution upon which this kind of mindset thrives.