Bunning Blockade Endgame

Looks like enough finally proved to be enough, and while I wasn’t working Senator Jim Bunning dropped his blockade. Meanwhile, former backers of the blockade like Texas Republican Jon Cornyn are now pretending they never applauded Bunning.


The larger story here is that the Senate’s deep dysfunction and fundamentally rotten nature goes far beyond the 60-vote threshold to end a filibuster. And it’s why I’m never that impressed with cute suggestions to “reform” it by changing the rules to force more “real” filibusters or what have you. A legislative body does not exist for the purpose of providing interesting political drama to talk about. The idea is that legislative proposals should be subject to some kind of political check. Which is great. But it’s vital that the leadership be able to force votes, expeditiously, on matters of national concern. The pretense that these stalling tactics constitute some form of “debate” is outdated at best.