Jeb Bush Lauds Stimulus


America’s Next Bush tweets: “Congrats to the 16 states who made the first cut for Race to the Top, I am so proud of Florida.”

And he should be proud! But in the proud tradition of conservative stimulus hypocrisy, there’s no acknowledgment here or in any of Jeb Bush’s other remarks on the matter, that Race to the Top is an element of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, aka “the stimulus.” And you see this time and again. Folks on the right are sharply critical of “the stimulus” but generally raise no objections to large swathes of the stimulus—they like their local infrastructure projects, they like their tax cuts, and the more sensible among them like the education money. Of course you’re still free to raise objections to other elements fo the bill. But the nature of politics is that no law perfectly reflects any one person’s vision of how policy ought to be, and that’s particularly the case in a country with relatively weak party discipline. A bill who’s main provisions you like is a good bill!