Pizza Bleg

I’m a pizza fanatic, and since I now have a stand mixer, last week I figured it was time to try my hand at making my own. I attempted Alton Brown’s recipe and the results were . . . not so good.

Picture of Pizza Pizzas Recipe 1

My self-diagnosis is that things went wrong when I got to the “Cover [the dough] with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 18 to 24 hours.” Pretty much exactly 24 hours later, the dough seemed to have barely risen. And the final product had an unpleasantly dense crust. Is it possible that my refrigerator is abnormally cold? Or is insufficient kneading more likely to be the culprit? I’m a total bread products neophyte so I’m sort of at a loss over this.

At the same time, I’m happy to report that if you sautée five cloves of garlic, half a large onion, and one tablespoon of red chili flakes in one tablespoon of olive oil and then add 14.5 ounces of diced tomatos and 12 ounces of tomato paste then let it cook down the resulting arrabiata sauce will work great on your pizza and top many servings of pasta in the subsequent days.