Gallup Sees Speedy Public Opinion Turnaround After Affordable Care Act Is Signed

Throughout the winter of 2009-2010, folks like me were arguing that if members of congress just put their heads down and charged ahead with health care that this would improve the polling situation around their proposals. This was widely greeted on the right as a kind of fantastical wishful thinking, but check out Gallup’s latest numbers:

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It’s not like this thing is a political slam dunk. Plenty of Democrats, from Blanche Lincoln to Jim Matheson, represent constituencies that are way more conservative than the United States as a whole and those folks have every reason to be afraid of this bill. But over the next few months, we’ll see that this is a pretty generic partisan controversy on an issue where Democrats are generally more trusted. The idea that running around the country denouncing the Affordable Care Act as the second coming of Joseph Stalin and promising to repeal it at the soonest possible opportunity is going to be a big political winner is silly.