Tom Perriello Standing Tall

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Jake Sherman and Marin Cogan have a good luck at various unhinged attacks on pro-reform members of congress, including a series of incidents in which tea partiers have been vandalizing congressional offices. The Tom Perriello part, however, is the best:

A fellow tea party blogger said he thought it was fine for Troxel to post Perriello’s home address. “They have our home addresses,” said Kurt Feigel, who complained that protesters had little choice but to go to Perriello’s home because Perriello’s office doesn’t “respond to e-mail; they don’t respond to letters; they don’t respond to us showing up at his office. So what am I going to do?”

Perriello said his family doesn’t want him to be afraid. But when asked if he was scared anyway, the Virginia Democrat replied: “Whatever.”

“I’ve lived in Sierra Leone for two years, where the life expectancy is 34 years old. If the worst thing that happens is that special-interest groups spend millions of dollars against me and my most ardent opponents organize against me, it’s hardly a ‘cry me a river’ moment — as long as people act civil and within the law.”

Members of Congress who are able to put their own careers in proper perspective are exactly the kind of members of Congress that we need the most.