Romney: I Would Like the ACA If Only I Had Supported It


Mitt Romney continues to spin and dodge implausibly away from his legacy and credibility:

Romney reiterated his position after signing nearly 1,000 copies of his book at a store near his vacation home in San Diego early this week.

”I like what we have in Massachusetts, despite some flaws,” Romney said. ”But what I see in Obamacare is a very different piece of legislation — and one that followed a very different track. In our case, our bill was carried out in a bipartisan basis.”

But of course the Affordable Care Act would have been carried out on a bipartisan basis had prominent outside advocates like Mitt Romney urged the likes of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Judd Gregg, George Voinovich, Dick Lugar, and Chuck Grassley to participate constructively in the process.