Whitman Touts Constitutional Challenge to Affordable Care Act


Meg Whitman runs to the hard right in California:

Whitman was asked by an attendee at a Redondo Beach campaign event whether as governor she would “force your attorney general to file suit” against the reforms, as more than a dozen attorneys general in other states have said they would.

“The answer to that is yes,” said Whitman, drawing the most sustained, and loudest, applause of the hourlong event.

To repeat myself, this is just a waste of money. If Republicans want to once again grant insurance companies the right to deny children coverage based on pre-existing conditions, they need to elected members of congress who’ll vote for that. Similarly, that’s how you can eliminate tax credits to help small businesses afford coverage for their employees. Or if you want to ensure that insurers can charge women more for insurance than men, you can pass a new law re-authorizing that. But these legal challenges are completely spurious, and the demands that states waste funds on finding that out are ludicrious.


When questioned by reporters afterward, however, she conceded that she would not have the power as governor to demand such a move from the independently elected attorney general.

Later in the piece, she also comes out in favor of scrapping California’s state-level insurance regulations. The hope, I guess, is to make insurance affordable by making it really terrible.