The Steve Nash Era

It’s a subscriber only piece, but John Hollinger posted the following chart last week:

stevenash 1

His commentary on it, however, is a bit myopic. He says people should take the Suns more seriously:

Here’s how good they’ve been: Not only do the Suns lead the league in offensive efficiency by a wide margin, but relative to the league they’re on pace for the third-best offensive efficiency season since the league started tracking the stat in 1973-74.

Third-best. Ever. And we’ve hardly heard a peep about them.

But forget about the third-best offense ever. Look at the best offense ever. Then look at the second best. Then look at the fourth best. And look at the fifth best. Now look back at the third best. Then consider that Steve Nash was the starting point guard on all five of these teams! After being seemingly overrated for a while, is it possible that Nash has slipped into underrated status. Floor general for all five of the top-rated offenses of the past 35 years is a pretty gobsmacking achievement.