Cato Explains Fundamental Similarity Between RomneyCare and Affordable Care Act

I disagree with the Cato Institute’s general take on health care policy, but their video explaining that Mitt Romney’s health care plan and Barack Obama’s health care plan are close cousins of each other is extremely effective:

Sometimes, though, I think that liberals misunderstand the upshot of this. It’s important to forget about Mitt Romney’s current political persona and remember when he was a conventional member of a Massachusetts Republican Party that’s much less conservative than the national GOP. RomneyCare was a compromise between a moderate state Republican Party and a liberal state Democratic Party. The Affordable Care Act is a compromise between the liberal and moderate wings of a national Democratic Party. So the similarity shouldn’t be particularly surprising. The weird things here are that moderate New England Republicans like Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins pretended not to see this and that Romney has remade himself as an orthodox conservative without admitting that he’s changed his views.