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Try to imagine an American having Bruno Bézard’s official biography:

Bruno Bezard, 45, has served since February 2007 as Managing Director of the Agency for State Equity Investments (APE) within the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment. He is also a Director of Areva, Air France-KLM, EDF, Thales, La Poste, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, Dexia and Strategic Investment Fund (FSI). From September 1994 to May 1998, Bruno Bezard served as Bureau Chief with the Department of the Treasury, responsible for financing housing, savings collection circuits and the Post Office. From May 1998 to January 2000, he served as the sub-Director for the Department of Treasury, responsible for insurance. From January to March 2000, he was Deputy Chief of Staff for the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry. In May 2000, Bruno Bezard was appointed sub-Director in the Department of the Treasury for development assistance, multilateral banks and emerging countries. At the same time, he became Vice-Chairman of the Club de Paris. From June 2001 to April 2002, he served as Economic and Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister. As Head of the Equity Investments Department until September 2004, he was then appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Agency for State Equity Investments (APE) and was named Managing Director on February 26, 2007. Directorships and offices outside the France Telecom Group- Director representing the French government of: Areva ; EDF; La Poste; Air France – KLM; Thales; Grand Port Maritime de Marseille; Dexia; Fonds Strategique d’Investissement. Directorships and offices expiring in the last five years – Director of: Renault; France Televisions; SNCF.

Obviously one can debate the merits of the French economic model, but in the scheme of things they’re doing okay. Most notably, it’s just not that different in terms of per capita income from what you see in other countries like the UK or New Zealand that hew much closer to the orthodoxy.