What’s So Great About John Wall?

Wizards fans were excited to learn last night that with “only” the fifth-worst record in the NBA, we’ll be getting the number one pick in the 2010 draft. Then I looked up the stats of the consensus number one pick in the draft, John Wall, and became concerned. As best I can tell, he’s a worse player than the guy Chad Ford predicts to go fifth, his teammate DeMarcus Cousins. Consider:


I don’t think you need to appeal to any particularly baroque statistical theories here to see that Wall’s only real asset over Cousins is that he played more minutes. What’s more, they’re both nineteen and I believe big men like Cousins generally take a bit longer to develop. If it’s really true that GM’s universally regard Wall as the better prospect, I guess I’d pretend to agree with them and draft him at number one then try to trade him for Cousins and a future draft pick (or something) citing the fact that we already have Gilbert Arenas as my reason.