By Matt Zeitlin

I run more game than the Bulls and Sonics

– Is this why Judd Gregg didn’t take the Commerce Secretary offer?

– Angry that Guantanamo isn’t closed? The administration hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory, but neither has Congress.

– The one word essay prompt at All Souls always seemed like a great thing if you wanted to test people’s ability to pull clever, ┬ásubstance-free thoughts with lots of highfalutin references out of their asses. I do, however, wonder what Derek Parfit wrote for his.

– ESPN is trying really, really hard to get Americans interested in the World Cup, and not by overhyping the U.S. team.

– On that note, the MLS still kinda sucks.

– Leon Wieseltier on Sheikh Jarrah.

– Peter Beinart: dirty stinking commie.

– Quantum mechanics is not “responsible” for postmodernism. The difficulty of interpreting language or constructing grand narratives out of social phenomena has nothing to do with not being able to know with the same precision the momentum and position of a particle. If we had a pre-quantum mechanics understanding of the world, it would have no bearing on the validity, truth or usefulness of the claims and arguments of postmodernists.

I know some of you might not like Nelly, but he’s playing at Northwestern tomorrow and “Country Grammar,” for what it’s worth, holds up.

Have a fun weekend.