By Matt Zeitlin

From Oakland to Sacktown/The Bay Area and back down/Cali is where they put they mack down

– A scene from the upcoming film The Elements of Style.

– I like Rajon Rondo as much as the next guy, but, contra Bill Simmons,  just because you’re arguably the best player on what might be the best team doesn’t make you the best at your position.

– Manohla Dargis on Sex and the City 2: it’s about as bad as the first one!

– Not everything Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhardt say is true because they said it.

Let’s treat all credit cards the same.

– French judge says that Turkish aid group that launched Freedom Flotilla was tied to Al Qaeda in late 1990s.

– Crime is down in Arizona, but Charles Grassley says we need the immigration law so that “murderers can’t come into Arizona.”

Well guys, this is my last Endgame and also my last post as a guestblogger here. I’m pretty sure Matt will be back in D.C. and in full blogging form tomorrow and my services will no longer be necessary. Thanks so much to Matt for letting me do this, it’s been fun. Thanks, especially, to the commenters, who kept up their usual torrid pace even in Matt’s absence. Satyam, Ali, Matt, Dara, Ryan and Jamelle were all fantastic. One could hardly ask for a better group to blog with. If you want more of my blogging, check this out. Oh yeah, Lakers in seven.

2pac – California Love.