Caron Butler Teams Up With the Crown Prince of Denmark to Promote Bicycle-Friendly Cities


This seems a bit like a joke designed to get me to write a blog post, but apparently Caron Butler is coming back to DC to promote bicycle-friendly cities in concern with Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark:

Caron Butler, one of the few, the happy few, members of the Washington Wizards these last few seasons before the team got blown up, returns to town this morning to, according to organizers, promote “a more bicycle-friendly America.”

Butler’s partner on this patriotic ride will be…Frederick Andre Henrik. He’s billed as the Crown Prince of Denmark.

Copenhagen and Amsterdam are the leaders in developed world bicycle commuting, and there’s a fair amount mid-sized American cities could learn from them. Here’s an amusing account (“As the night wore on, she touched his smooth hairless chest and showed interest in the prince’s kingdom”) of the Crown Prince’s courting of his Australian wife. Butler learned to play basketball in prison, which I imagine is rather different than the upbringing of Danish royalty.