MPDC Decries Underage Girl’s “Casual Attitude” Toward Sex

This quote from Paul Duggan’s Washington Post article on a recent series of murders really rubbed me the wrong way:

Sanquan Carter, 19, who lived elsewhere, nominally under court supervision, wandered in and out of the orange-brick building that night, police said. He was there to party with two of his female friends, a 19-year-old and a girl, 15, who shared a first-floor apartment.

“The females had what you might call a casual attitude toward sex,” a detective said, adding that Carter “was busy getting his freak on with the younger lady.”

Why is it only the “females” who have this “casual attitude” toward sex? What’s more, a nineteen year-old “getting his freak on” with a 15 year-old in the District of Columbia is raping her under DC law which seems like the kind of thing detectives should know.