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It’s always dangerous to try to sum up a bunch of disparate events into a single trend, but I suppose yesterday’s primary results on the Democratic side show that we’re still in a world that’s less interesting and less dynamic than journalists and activists alike want it to be. Winograd’s challenge to Jane Harman turned out to be totally unimpressive, Mickey Kaus’ vanity primary bid turned out to be a total joke, and even though Bill Halter’s challenge to Blanche Lincoln gave her a real scare (and seems to have had a real impact on the course of the financial regulation bill) in the end it was turned aside pretty comfortably since Arkansas Democrats are a pretty conservative bunch.

I’m less clear on the all the GOP results. If anything, what we’ve learned over the past 3-4 years is that whether or not the crazier candidate prevails in these contested races, whoever prevails ends up needing to adopt full-spectrum craziness.