The Urgency of Immigration Reform

The other face of crackdowns on illegal immigrants:

The detainment of Eric Balderas [Harvard Class of 2013] by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and his possible deportation to Mexico has sparked heated discussion among friends and activists, who view Balderas’ plight as an indication of the work that remains to be done on behalf of undocumented youth in the United States.

Balderas—who came to the U.S. at the age of 4—was attempting to board a plane from San Antonio, Texas to Boston with a consular card from the Mexican government and his Harvard identification before being taken away in handcuffs by immigration officials. Though Balderas was released on Monday and eventually boarded a plane to Boston, he awaits an immigration hearing on July 6.

Completely forgetting about Balderas’ interests and the evident injustice of detaining and deporting someone for a “crime” committed when he was four years old, think about the rest of us for a moment. How does it help native born Americans to spend out tax dollars on detaining and deporting a bright young man who hasn’t hurt anyone and poses no danger? How does it help you?