Democrats Care About the Deficit

By Ryan McNeely

In contrast to conservatives who don’t actually care about the deficit, it’s important to remember that Barack Obama recently¬†signed a massive deficit-reduction bill called the “Affordable Care Act.” The health care team at CAP just released a memo that explains “How Health Reform Saves Consumers and Taxpayers Money,” and while most of the figures won’t be a surprise to readers of this blog, it’s important to remember that ACA will save a lot of money.


To sum up, Senate Republicans were in lockstep opposition to a bill that shaved over a trillion dollars off the long-term deficit, but they will go to the mat to filibuster an extension of unemployment benefits because…it will add $33 billion to the deficit. When Republicans block measures that help lower-income people, they claim they are doing so in the name of deficit reduction. But their opposition to health care reform shows that blocking measures that help lower-income people — not deficit reduction — is actually their primary concern.