Jewish Christmas


The Elena Kagan confirmation hearings are deadly dull overall, but yesterday’s festivities did provide the opportunity for Kagan and Chuck Schumer to explain Jewish Christmas to Lindsey Graham:

Kagan’s Jewishness also took center stage later in the day. Graham, probing Kagan on threats to the United States, asked her if she was unnerved by the Christmas Day bomber.

“Where were you on Christmas Day?” Graham asked.

“Like all Jews,” Kagan responded, “I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.”

“I could almost see this one coming,” Leahy quipped.

Then Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) jumped in: “Those are the only restaurants that are open!”

It’s worth pointing out that the “only Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas” point actually holds much less true in New York City—from which Schumer, Kagan, and I all hail—than it does in the rest of the country. I recall eating dinner at BBQ on University Place one Christmas with a friend. That said, Chinese food is definitely the traditional Jewish Christmas dinner ritual and one I’ve observed with other DC Jewish bloggers these past few years.