Setbacks for Affordable Care Act Repeal


The drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act took several steps backward today. One can be perceived by reading this bombastic Erick Erickson blog post in which he denounces the House GOP leadership for it’s unwillingness to push hard to bring repeal to the floor. Erickson concludes from this that “Eric Cantor and John Boehner — particularly Eric Cantor — have decided they don’t need or want conservatives” which I think is basically a self-refuting statement. The party leadership’s unwillingness to push to bring this up reflects the fact that it’s a doomed and politically counterproductive crusade.

Second, we have yet more polling showing the public warming to the Affordable Care Act. Third, as David Cutler explains the latest CBO numbers confirm that the Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit. In constructing its alternative fiscal scenario, the CBO assumed for no clear reason that ACA’s cost-saving measures will be repealed in 2020, but the fact remains that full repeal would necessarily score as a big deficit-increaser.

All told, I think we can say that the 111th Congress’ legacy is secure and will remain so for a long while now.