The Disinformation Transmission Belt

I feel like this is an incredibly old-school blog post, but the fact of the matter is that the lede of Krissah Thompson’s Washington Post story about the trumped-up New Black Panther Party controversy is incredibly irresponsible and makes me want to say unkind things about the whole paper and the conventions of mainstream journalism:

A 2008 voter-intimidation case has become a political controversy for the Obama administration as conservative lawyers, politicians and commentators raise concerns that the Department of Justice has failed to protect the civil rights of white voters.

Not reporting on the trumped-up scandal, which would reveal it to be trumped up. Not reporting about how the trumped-up scandal was trumped up. Rather reporting about the existence of “a political controversy for the Obama administration” in which the participant-observer journalist pretends to be an innocent bystander to a crime against substantive political discourse that she is in fact an accomplice to.